Follow Your Heart

Like I said before, you never know what’s coming until it’s right in front of you, your foot at its door. Until then, it lays a mystery…unknown to our present stream of mind. All we’re left with here is our ability to imagine what it might be like, dream about where we might end up. In our own minds, we could go anywhere. And are there are infinite places for us to go and see!
So, of course, we don’t know what we want next for ourselves. We don’t have any clue where it’ll take us… But that’s just it. All we can know is that whatever will happen, will happen. The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful; they will all happen. But in essence, they will always take you somewhere.
And if you follow your heart along the way,  it will take you right to where you need to be. So run until your heart tells you to stop. Run as fast as you can.
When and where will we end up? I have not a fucking clue! But hey, whatever happens, happens!

I’m ready to jump… are you with me?




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