There’s More!

Morning again dudes ☕️,

I wanna say thank you for helping me get to 200 followers—I’m serious, every milestone counts. I think I danced when I got my first one hundred.
So I’m gunna dance for you guys right now.
I also wanted to say that I fucking love coffee. Seriously I do, and I legit always have. Until having me, my mom hated even just the smell of coffee beans. Then I swear from the moment I was brought into this world, I was craving a freshly brewed cup.
The last thing is about the article I half-shared with you yesterday… well, I may have jumped in there with the title, but I wasn’t given enough room to write on more than five. And the truth is, there are many places I still have yet to step foot in.
So I also wanna thank those who reached out and shared their favorite coffee spots with me! There are so many more shops across Ottawa for us to check out!
I even got a text from my Grandy telling me to hit up “Morala” on Bank Street. Looks like I’ve got myself a coffee-date with grandma—stay tuned.

Anyway, share your photos with me #CoffeeNConverse! I wanna see them too!!




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