Calgary Inspired

Though we only spent a day exploring the City, we stepped our feet inside, and ultimately left with a taste so sweet, it still lingers, yearning for us to come back for more!

When your best friend asks you to meet her in Calgary, you book yourself a flight the very next day and you get your ass to Calgary. It only takes one step to walk into a whole new journey, and sometimes the spontaneity of it all is the key to the greatest and most unexpected pathways.

This time, we journeyed far as hell across the country and did our best to capture every moment from behind our wheels and cameras.

Calgary was a delicious start, so come take a bite of our slice of pie…

From the city to the farm… you’ll have to come back for the next chapter of our trip.

Oh, and Calgary, we’ll be back for more. 🍰

-The Girl in Converse and her little ray of sunshine.



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