DueNORTH Canada

Being part of DueNORTH’s Social Media Team and working under the role of Visual Advisor offers me the freedom to cast my creativity across multiple social media platforms while providing and promoting access to nutritional and affordable food to children and youth in Canada’s Far North. Since joining DueNORTH, I’ve not only been given the opportunity to learn more about this Canadian issue, myself but to educate, connect and inspire other Canadians to join our fight and tackle food insecurity together.

Growing up in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, I was among the majority of Canadians who never questioned the availability of breakfast before school every morning. Yet, inadequate nutrition is a harsh reality that many Canadians are forced to face, and when kids aren’t properly nurtured, they do not have enough FUEL to GROW.
The highest rate of food insecurity in Canada is in Nunavut, with 1 in 3 Nunavut families being food insecure. That’s 4X HIGHER than the CANADIAN AVERAGE!
Without access to fresh, nutritional, affordable and culturally-appropriate food, Nunavut youth can not reach their full potential, which is why DueNORTH is continuing to establish long-term breakfast programs among schools in northern communities.

Food is a human right. A right for you and I, for every Canadian and for every individual across the world. And in order to change that world, every human must fight for those rights until together we have found peace, equality, and FOOD FOR ALL across our globe.
With food comes fuel, and with fuel comes the power to change the world.
In order to start seeing change, we must begin.

To begin, we must first eat breakfast.

For more info, visit duenorthcanada.ca
To keep up on current events, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @DueNORTHCanada


-The Girl in Converse

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